Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's A Whopper!

So I guess I missed it or have been living life in a cave? I'm talking about the Angry Burger from Burger King. I saw it advertised on a BK marquee and I didn't get it. How can a burger make you angry? Is it the price? WHAT!!?? I didn't know a hamburger could have feelings. Oh wait, there is the Happy Meal from McDonald's. Well...of course it makes you happy. There are those cool toys inside.

So I ask around the car and no one else knows either. So I do a search on the world wide web. I found out that the burger was released on Jan. 6. The Angry Whopper is topped with spicy crispy onions, jalapeƱos, pepper jack cheese, bacon, tomatoes, lettuce, mayonnaise, and spicy Angry Sauce.

Although the marketing campaign behind the Angry Whopper gives the impression that eating it will result in your tongue being burned off, one reviewer said, "The only anger I get from the Angry Whopper is the anger I feel for it not being spicy enough."
The Angry Whopper will be available until March 30, 2009. The review really didn't tell me enough to make me try it. I'm not even curious. Hey Burger King your marketing campaign didn't work on me. And I am one who would be tempted to swing through the drive through and get a quick bite to eat. I will not try it now with the name of Angry. I think I would rather eat a styrofoam cup. Have you tried the Angry burger? Did it make you angry?
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