Friday, February 13, 2009

Keep Fresh!

1. First use cold water in the vase. Heat will open the flowers quicker than you want. Place them in a shaded cool spot. Direct sun and warmth will open them fast. If setting them out for a party or special occasion store them in a refrigerator not touching the sides.

2. With woody stemmed flowers like roses, cut back a few inches so the newly cut area will draw water.

3. Remove excess leaves below water line.

4. Add clear soda like Sprite or 7-up to the water. Crushed aspirin works well also. Charcoal bits or salt are said to work as well. You should add more of these items if you change the water.

5. Some add a capful of hydrogen peroxide and tablespoon of sugar to a vase full of tepid water. The peroxide will kill bacteria and the sugar acts as a food source to keep those blooms happy.

6. Keep the water level high in the vase to keep those flowers fed and fresh. If you need to add additional water, peroxide, sugar mix to the vase, try a turkey baster for a no mess, no drip solution.

7. If you cut your flowers too short for your vase add some marbles, decorative stones or shells to the bottom to raise them up.

8. Keep your flowers away from fruits and vegetables; they give off a gas that will kill those flowers quick! Also make sure to keep the blooms in a pretty even temperature no extremes of heat or cold.

9. Do not put your flowers in warm water; this dehydrates them. So once you've cut them, place them in a clean vase filled with cold water.

10. Some florists sell packets of "flower food" that kill bacteria growing on your flowers. It may work like a charm, but you don't need them: I have some easy household alternatives for you. One tried-and-true alternative is adding a couple tablespoons of lemon juice or white vinegar; the acidity will kill off bacteria. I just use whatever is handy. Pouring in a tablespoon of bleach should also kill off mold.

11. Cut the stems of your flowers every couple of days, and replace the water and flower food whenever you do this as well. You should also make sure to pick off any foliage below the water line to prevent bacteria growth.

12. If your flowers have wilted, you can try to restore them by putting them in a vase filled with near boiling water.

How do you keep your flowers fresh?
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