Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tool Boxes & Cakes

This morning we talked of the worst Valentine's Day or Valentine's gift ever. I am always nervous when we ask this of our listeners. You just never know what will come from these conversations. The best "worst" call was from a gal that said her mom's friend was a given a real cow's heart for a Valentine's Day gift. I think that would be a little messy to wrap not to mention the messy explanation that would have to come with it. Yikes...I can't even imagine how that one would play out.....

Terry always tells me that he wants a Whitman's Sampler for every holiday. And tools. Brent confirmed that when he said tools are always a good idea. WHAT??!! For Valentines too? That's not romantic is it? Another said build him a cake. OK, that I can do but not really a unique idea. We ladies know the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Even though I know that is still the rule, I always strive to have a new idea. So the next call resulted in the best idea ever. Maybe. It's a tool box cake. What would that look like?

Do you have a good idea for Valentine's Day gifts?
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