Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Good Morning Horse Statue!

I can't stop them...random thoughts as I'm driving and since I can't text while driving, I have to let them out somehow. So here goes....
Is this only Tuesday?
Coffe is yum-o today, what would we do without it?
Good morning Horse statue.
I need more sleep.
The Orange, the breakfast of champions.
I hope the wind blows at 90 miles an hour again today.
Why do fourth graders need a blog?
I need to call Randy about...
Can I be Superwoman today?
I love writing notes in the dark on my way to work.
Lord, let me be an inspriation to many.
I wish I could text while driving...if I could.... I would say...
I need more bandaids, must go to the store after work. UGH!
I feel so fat today.
Dinner...it's pork chop night.
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