Thursday, May 21, 2009

Move It To Lose It

When trying to lose weight, exercise is key.  Yeah....I know I hate it too, and I don't naturally want to do this.  I have to make concentrated plans to workout.  The importance of exercise can't be understated.  God programmed our bodies to need to move, it's good for us.  It's part of my "IwanttobeallIcanbeforJesus" plan.  

So try to exercise at least 30 minutes of exercise each time.  Get in at least 3 or more periods of activity a week.

I struggle with making time for it.  Then I remember I am worth it.  Yes, I will make time for it, make it my goal, as I work towards my goal.  Grab a friend and beat the streets. Put some groove to your moves. How or what you do is up to you but the sky's the limit.   Remember your goal.  You have to move it to lose it!  
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