Wednesday, May 6, 2009


So what is the first step? Decide to do it!! Making a decision is half of the battle. Your health has to be important to you AND to your family. It is the best thing you can do, second to your relationship with Jesus, of course.

The most asked question is "How did you do it?" The answer is not that easy BUT the first step is that I decided to do something for me, for my family, for God. So that I can be all that He has called me to be. It's a way to honor Him with my life. So that is my motivation.

It all started with Brent and the Total Fitness Challenge in January 2007. We were getting a contest together to lead two teams for a month long challenge to lose weight. We were both captians and were supposed to encourage and lead others in their struggle to shed some pounds. I remember thinking, "Ok, I will do this but I know I will fail." For me this was not the first time down this path. It was another attempt to get rid of the extra poundage AGAIN! I am the queen at losing. I have done it at least 5 or 6 times in my life time. I could never keep it off for a long time period.

I didn't give myself half of a chance really, or God for that matter. I had the wrong attitude. I basically just wanted to beat Brent at the game. So I went through the motions, preparing myself mentally that yes, again I would fail. But that's when God started to change my heart and mind. I started losing a little and it felt good. I just made some small changes and lost a little weight. And the end of the 4 weeks I lost like 15 lbs. I thought to myself, "Maybe I can do this." So I kept going making small changes, one step at a time. I just kept challenging myself to continue.

So make the decision to start, make changes in your priorities, and take action!! Ready....Set...Go!! You can do it too. You are worth it. God calls us to be all we can be for Him and wants to use you to do great things for Him. Don't let your struggle with weight get in the way of His purpose. It really is a mindset and a life change. I would have never dreamed that God would take me here. But 94 lbs later, it is sweet victory over the weight stronghold. If I can do it, you can too.

To be continued....
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