Monday, May 18, 2009

Super-Size Me!

Everywhere you go you are told to get the most for your $$. Combo meals, buffets, and family packs.  You can even super-size your meals for just a few dollars more.  Advertisers are trying to help us aren't they?  We think we need more food for our dollar, and in today's economy, we need the best value for our hard-earned monies.

We have been duped into swallowing the idea that more food is better.  Not true.  Next time you order out at the drive thru or in a restaurant, take a look at your portion size.  Most times they bring your order out on a platter.  Not a plate but a platter.  That means, if you consume the entire order, you are eating at least twice the amount of food a person needs in one meal.

I call this the fattening of America.  We eat way too much food.  That is something I had to deal with when I started to lose weight.  No matter if you are eating out or at home, take a look at your portion size.  When I cooked a meal, I was eating a whole serving while I cooked AND then I would sit and eat round two.  Wow....that was a big deal and a bad habit I had to break.

Next time you fill your plate, just eat half of the amount of food.  Then stop eating.  You will find out how much food you can live without.  Don't don't have to eat everything on your plate like your momma told to.  It's ok, the starving children in China, don't know you didn't finish everything.  If you eat to just take away the hungries, believe me it will be enough.

Getting more for your money isn’t good for your waistline or your health.  People think they are getting a bargain when they get more food for just a few pennies more.  What isn’t a bargain are the extra calories and fat that come with these "added value" meals.  Eating the right portions is important.

Do your home work and find out how much 4 oz of protein really is.  The right portion sizes will surprise you.  But it really will make a difference in how you lose weight.  Here's some help.

God has designed our bodies to need a certain amount of calories and anything over your specific calorie intake just goes to the thighs, hips and stomach.  It's true.  We don't need all that food. Don't be fooled by the "all you can eat" buffets or the super-size me fries.

What are some food traps that you fall into? To be continued...
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