Thursday, July 16, 2009

Camping Out

I read this really good post By Dana Byers.

Take a moment to read Luke 9:28-33.

Peter (like us) likes camping out. He likes sticking around where he’s seen God at work. He wants to cling to the moments in life where he’s heard God speak. He’s willing on a moment’s notice to give up his ministry just to settle down in the place he was motivated. Sometimes our actions reveal that we respect this behavior and follow suit, labelling it “common sense”.

God wants us to be energized by mountaintop experiences in His presence and then head back to serve in our posts faithfully. We cannot believe the enemy’s lie that our faith doesn’t pack up and go with us when we leave the warm church pew, our laptop, or a personal quiet time of worship.

Fight the temptation to camp out with everything in you. Eventually you and I need to re-shelve the leadership books, turn off the motivating podcasts, and simply serve.

Enough said. Make a difference today. Are you camping out?
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