Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"It Doesn't Taste Like Dirt!"

This water came highly recommended to me by an associate at the check out counter. It cost $1.38. I hate buying something you can get for free. Anyway, I was really, really thirsty, so I splurged on this bottle of water. When I remarked about the price, the associate said, "It doesn't taste like dirt like those other bottles of water." I was expecting something great, maybe something that was super-flavored. What I got was a cold, plain old bottle of water, that tastes just like the water I could get out of my faucet at home FOR FREE!!!! Seriously!! The only thing that makes me "smarter" is now I know NOT to spend a $1.38 on a bottle of water that claims to make me "smart". Has this happened to you?
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