Monday, March 8, 2010

Have You?

If I could meet you personally...and some of you I have, I would ask you one question: "Have you made your pledge yet?" So take this opportunity to imagine that I am right there beside you, we are sharing stories about what you heard on The House FM or Praise 88.7 today, and then imagine me asking you this question. "Have you made your pledge yet?" No.....? What are you waiting for? Do you need more evidence of God working through the ministry? Do you need more reasons that the stations are impacting lives in the FM areas and on the internet? Do you need me to come over and fill out the pledge for you or dial the phone for you? Ha-Ha! That last question was a joke....but seriously I would if I needed to. That is how far I am willing to go to make sure that you have attended to this detail on your "to-do" list. The ministry is THAT important to me, and I hope and pray that it is THAT important to you too. You can show how important it is by making a pledge right now.
Call 1-800-324-8488, or go online here to make it. It's easy, breezy, and important! I hope to meet you personally some day and thank you for believing in the power of God through Christian Radio. Thanks!
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