Tuesday, May 25, 2010

DR Travel Log #2

Dear God give me tolerance!! I know that traveling to a third world country I will see slices of life as I am not used to. There will be some culture shock. Dear God give me tolerance. Dear God make me an instrument of your grace and love. It will be different than what I am used to. We have been told so, by those who have been there. But the people that we meet will need God's love and will need to hear the gospel message. I guess that is what makes it difficult, at least in my mind, because of our differences, it builds a barrier. Today the song Walls by Manic Drive spoke to me. "Lift your hands, move your feet, get yourself, get yourself ready. Lift your flags, hit the streets, and charge!" I have the desire to "charge" but I not am ready yet. That's what I am praying for. God give me your eyes to see them as you see them. No matter their circumstances, slice of life, their background, culture. Break me out of my comfortable bubble!!

I pray for acceptance of the differences. After all, people need Jesus. They need to be loved, know that Jesus died on the cross for them. You don't have to travel on a mission trip to share the story about how God has worked our life. BTW, Jesus hung out with the undesirables, the sick, the down-trodden. Why? Because he could see their need. Because someone is different, don't let that create a wall or barrier that satan uses to get in the way of the gospel being shared. Hit the streets, and CHARGE!
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