Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mowing is my Spiritual Gift

It's mowing season and depending on the weather, I mow once a week. You are probably wondering why my husband, Terry, doesn't mow because usually it is a "man-job". The reason is that he has a medical condition that prevents him from being able to it. He has the desire to do it, likes mowing but if he does it causes him more pain. Therefore, I am the official mower in the family.

Yesterday, God reminded me that mowing is my spiritual gift. Even though it's a "sometimes-not-fun" job. I love to serve and when I see the need, I just jump in with everything I've got. That's why I mow. That's why I serve. It's a way I can serve Terry and my family. It's the way that God wired me. Also, if I don't mow, then our landscape will turn into a jungle of phenomenal proportions. AND another thing that God taught me was that this servant's heart is destined for more than just mowing. Sometimes that is all God requires of me is to be consistent in doing the "sometimes-not-fun" jobs. The point is seeing the need and allowing God to work through you to meet the need, and therefore showing the love of Christ.

Look around you...where can you serve and meet someones need? If God is calling you to serve in a area, I believe He has already equipped you with the gifts needed to carry out the task. What are you waiting for? the best of them! With fervor, flair, joy and......sunscreen.
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