Friday, May 21, 2010

You're the Author

You can write your own story while here on earth. Everyday we are faced with choices, and those choices have good or bad consequences. So right now, with every choice, with every action, you are writing your own story. My life seems like an open book right now. I am praying some dangerous prayers. Let's fast forward to the final chapter of your story. What will your epitaph say?

Think about your it is right now. What does it say about you?
what is important to you?
what you do stand for?
what difference are you making?
Are you showing that you love anyone? Everyone?
Because of (you fill in the blank) will God say "well done"?

For me I am praying that God will wreck me, it's a dangerous prayer. Usually...those prayers are ones that He answers, in some really creative ways. I pray that His purposes are important to me. I pray that I stand for truth and honor. I pray to make a difference. I pray that becuase I love, that matters. I pray that God will say "well done". For this to occur, I will have to be disturbed by God, right now I am pretty comfortable. God give me your eyes to see....

How about you? What will your epitaph say?
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