Friday, June 4, 2010

DR Travel Log #5 ~ Countdown!!

Ok, so people don't normally start a countdown with 19 days to go, but actually I have been on the countdown, waaaaay back when I first started praying for the opportunity to serve on an international mission trip. I have not been cramming for a final, to put it in simple terms. I feel like that God has been preparing me for a long time for such a time as this, to travel to the DR with 30+ other believers.

How? I have been spending time with Him. He's been showing me how I can serve to those who have needs. He has been breaking down the walls, pushing me to see those needs, thinking about others, teaching me to do whatever it takes at any expense, to help. God has taught me to focus on Him, not myself. And I have seen some wonderful things. He has taught me patience, love, peace, gratitude, integrity, purity, sacrifice, honesty.

He has reminded me that He has already equipped me with what it takes to do this. And believe me I am not talented soooooo you can do it too. What it takes is a willing heart for His Spirit to work. Fertile ground I like to call it.

So other words, you could call the countdown, a germination period, where God is cultivating His seeds to bust forth for harvest. A great bloom is about to emerge and bust forth. Honestly, I don't think I will wait for another 19 days. I think I will start now.
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