Tuesday, June 8, 2010

DR Travel Log #6 - My Couch Has a Name

Yeah, it's true. My couch has a name, doesn't yours? It's called the couch of "great comfort and joy." Now this might be silly to you, but you would understand if you sat on it. It's great! It's soft, comfy, conformed to my body shape. Yeah, it's true, at the end of a long day or even a short one, it's still a soft place to land. Ahhhhhh!

With that, God has been convicting me about how spoiled I am. I am blessed! Plain and simple. I have a couch to sit on, I have a roof over my head, I food to eat on my table or lap. I have a car to drive to work, and it works well, at least today. I drink special Dunkin Donuts coffee for goodness sake! Who drinks special coffee?? Ashamedly, I do. I am spoiled. Are you? Take a look around, see how blessed you are.

Looking forward to the mission trip and meeting kids who don't have it as good as I do I am humbled that God has blessed me. With love, most of all, but also with forgiveness, salvation, a house, a car, a job, a couch, and coffee. Because of these blessings, I want to be a blessing to others. I don't want to take my couch or coffee for granted. I am making some changes in priorities and supporting/sponsoring a child with Mission of Mercy. Yes, I did it. I've always wanted to do that but didn't think I could afford it. After God reminded me of how spoiled I am, how could I not? I am blessed and want to bless others. How about you? Does your couch have a name? You can sponsor a child here.
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