Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tropical Fruit

Everywhere you look in the DR there is fruit growing or in a pile on a cart, like pineapples, passion fruit, mangoes, oranges lemons, limes, bananas and plantains. The people sell them in the streets but you can also look up and see them hanging from the trees.

The fruit is plentiful there. I saw so many fruits in their natural habitat. But I have also seen evidence of fruit of the Spirit. God is at work in the lives of those we met with Mission of Mercy and He has put key people in place as messengers of the gospel. I also saw hospitality in the finest way. I was touched by the families there who opened their homes to us,we were strangers. Several days we were able to visit our sponsored child and sometimes that happened in their homes. It was a humbling experience. They opened their doors to our questions, our cameras, our muddy shoes. I felt like an intruder going into their living spaces but I came out with a connected heart to those we visited.

One such family opened her doors to us and related her story about how she was raising 6 kids for her daughter who's husband was killed in the line of duty. She was a grandmother at the age of 72. She related that all she wanted for her kids was to get an education and to "grow up serving the Lord." Of all the things she could have wanted for them, she expressed the most treasured for her family. That spoke volumes to me.
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