Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wrecking Ball

The transformation that is happening in my life is a personal one and a journey that God has been taking me on for months. It actually started before going on last week's mission trip and is still continuing. It feels like God is swinging a huge wrecking ball and He is aimed it right at my heart. Things are changing for the good even though it is kind of painful.

I have always been content, so I thought. Last week I saw contentment at it's least. Needless to say I am far from that. I would liken my state of contentment to be somewhere along the spoiled child. I have more than enough stuff or junk or whatever you want to call it. Seriously. It's kind of embarrassing to even admit it to you. I have been taking the blessings and gifts of God for granted and now I am being wrecked over it. God is wrecking my heart to look outside of myself and to see the needs of others....for compassion.

I have plenty of trinkets, bobbles, ....this and thats. None of that stuff really matters and God reminded me, once again, that I must find my satisfaction in Him. He is the only one that can fill me. And as I am emptying myself of the "stuff" in my life there is more room for Him. Another realization is that as we surround ourselves with so many things, good or not, that it creates a barrier in which we hide behind or hinder us from reaching out to those who need to know about Jesus. Where there are no barriers with stuff there is more freedom to give away what we have been so readily given. I am seeing others with His eyes.

Change is good. How has God been working in your life? It would be good to know that His wrecking ball after someone other than me. To be continued...
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