Monday, August 16, 2010

Big "Girl" Pants

Sometimes you just have to put your "Big Girl" pants on, build a bridge, and get over it. I can't stop life, I can't stop the momentum, I can't stop the bad things, I can't stop the good things that may or may not be happening. But I can change my attitude, my response to whatever slice of life is being served to me today. In other words, I can change my perspective, my take, my outlook, the view of it. The view from here, (my small little world) stinks sometimes. I have a lot going on. I like some of it, don't like other parts of it. I can love it and I can hate it. But it still marches on. The momentum is frightening sometimes.

I have a choice, and so do you. Today, I am just putting on my "Big Girl" pants, cinching them up around my mid-section, and tying a knot, and then moving forward and hanging on. I may not be able to step very far, maybe only inches, but I am still looking forward. I am talking in a lot of criptic speech right now. That is because my slice of life looks different than yours, but the "pants" or attitude we put on is the same. It is still a choice, your choice. How will you respond?

P.S. There is no relation between this post and the picture posted.
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