Thursday, August 12, 2010

Millions...or just one

Here's a global perspective for you, your peek into the window of the world:
100 million street children face danger every day.
31 million children are war orphans and refugees.
1 million children are sexually exploited.
120 million elementary-age children don't attend school.
9 million children will die this year, mostly from preventable diseases.

When I look at the big picture it's overwhelming. I literally want to look away. These kind of statistics shut me down. Think about these numbers when you are dropping your kiddos off at school. Watch the children pour into the school building....not everyone has the opportunities to for education like we do. Think about this when you are waiting for an hour in your physicians office. Not everyone has access to good medical care. As you pray over your children's rooms at night, think about those living on the streets and those who don't have any parents to pray for them, and don't know if their parents are even alive. This one is hard.....think about your child being used or sold and made to do things with their young bodies that God didn't intend.

This is reality. I can hardly type these words but it's fact. For me this is heartbreaking. The reason I write is that it is my hope and prayer that it compells you to act. Bridge the gap between awareness and action. You can't save the it's not possible. But you can be the superhero to one child. Just one...will you? You can impact families, neighborhoods, communities, generations, millions and just one. You can sponsor a child here.
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