Monday, August 23, 2010

How Do You Respond?

If you think you got problems or have it bad in life, then read the book of Job. The entire book in the Bible. God allowed Job to suffer in ways that I can not imagine. I have been challenged in my life, don't get me wrong, but I feel like Job was truly tested. He remained faithful to God, didn't curse God at all. His friends tried to influence him, even his wife. But Job didn't waiver. He pleaded with God and honestly who wouldn't? He lost his family, his possessions, and his health. But through it all God accomplished His purposes, Job kept his faith, didn't turn away from God. When the life got tough, Job was equally as "tough". This speaks volumes to me in that he didn't abandon God and his faith in Him at the first sign of trouble.

Do you want to run away or jump ship at the first sign of trouble that you encounter? What are you struggling with? God has divine purposes that he accomplishes through trials and troubles. Let Job's faith be a lesson to you. He is a model disciple of Christ. For those of us who know God as Savior, He didn't promise us smooth sailing but He did promise a safe landing.
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