Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"I'd Like to Make a Deposit Please"

We say that to the drive-thru-bank-teller-person behind the big wall of glass. She pushes a button and makes a metal drawer open up for you to put your paper work, checks, your fingernails in there or sucks the plastic tube towards the brick bank vault. Watch your hands.....they might get caught in the sucking action. Seriously. And if you are a good girl they might give you a sucker after your monies have exchanged hands. I like that part. But most times I don't get one, for some reason they think I am too old. (News Flash!! Bank people I still like those!!)

When you think about making a deposit we normally think of a bank transaction, but you can make "deposits" in people too? Recently I have been learning there is a title to what I do. Yeah, it's called mentoring. When you think about it we have a lot to give out to those who need help, physically, emotionally, and especially spiritually. Now before we go any further, please note, I don't have all the answers!! By no means am I saying that. But I know the One who does. :)

So when you mentor someone, you are loving on them, encouraging them, believing in them, investing in their well-being, their spiritual condition by sharing a verse with them, serving along side them, inviting them to church, living your life as a witness to the awesome work that God has done in your life. Just by sharing a word, sending a thank you note, giving a smile, taking time to listen, praying for them, giving them a chance, teaching a class, or sharing your testimony are all ways of making an eternal investment in the heavenly bank of goodness.

Now I know what you are thinking right now....yeah I do, you are thinking "I don't have anything to share". Oh yes you do, if you are breathing right now then you have something to share. Think of all the people in your life to this moment in time and make a list of those who believed in you or gave you a chance. Now, take the time to give a deposit back and thank them. Write them a note, send them a text, or an email. Give back. God can take the ordinary and make it something holy, and extraordinary.

God loves it when we love on others, make deposits of grace in their lives. It's a part of His plan to build the church and the Kingdom. One deposit at a time. If you do those thank you's, let me know I will get you a sucker!

I believe in you!! Thanks for reading.
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