Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I have a confession to make. I am directionally challenged. *Big Sigh* I don't know how I got this way. I know I wasn't born with it. I would hate to say it is an acquired talent, but it is very apparent that when I set out to a new location or one that I haven't been to before that I usually end up a lost. I own a GPS and I use it. But even with the British lady telling me where to turn, I still get it wrong. Thus my conclusion. I am a mess when I don't know where I am going and I am behind the wheel. (This is your warning, if you ever ride with me, then YOU are the navigator, I just drive.)

And to top it all off, did you know that being lost is my number one pet peeve? It's the WORST!!! (Well that and wilted vegetables at the grocery store). I hate being late, I hate not knowing where I am going, yet it is the one of the things that I am the BEST at. *Big Sigh*! Oh yeah, I just said all of that. When I hear the Brit say "Recalculating", it sends me into a fury of fist pumps and poundings on the wheel. ARG!!!! (One would say I have some issues...okay maybe that is just Brent).

Sometimes God gives me a "recalculating" message too and I don't like that either. I know he plans detours in my life for a purpose, and sees me headed to certain destruction or wants to do some road construction in my life that causes me to take an alternate route. "Hey God, I thought we were headed over here!" "Nope, you weren't listening to me, I said go here!" I come away from these conversations with God bewildered and with a little bit of a lost feeling, because it was not what I had planned for just around the next corner. Yet, I know it's God's best for me. Soo.....I follow. But this time around I am working on listening better and going by God's direction, and working really hard on not pounding my fist.

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