Sunday, October 31, 2010

Directionally Challenged Part 2

Ever feel like life is passing you by? Or have you ever prayed for God to give you that "burning bush" to help you to know what direction to go in life? Over the weekend I had the opportunity to partake in a class where you discover your purpose or vision for your life. It is called Chazown, which means discovering the spiritual gifts that God has entrusted you with and then discovering how you can use them. Through it all, I was able to make a mission statement for myself.

Here goes..."To compassionately communicate truth in a real and honest way that impacts and serves others and to be a catalyst for service, purpose, acceptance, redemption and freedom in Christ".

You see, I have been directionally challenged most of my life. So for me to hone in on what God has entrusted me with and know the direction I should be going is HUGE! The journey was not easy, it was overwhelming to say the least. The process that God used to "empty" me was painful. But after opening my heart to what God had to say I was able to see what He has already gifted me with. I understand and accept that it is my privilege and calling to share the gifts that He has given me. And guess what....writing is one of those gifts. It was confirmed in me that the gifts that He has given me are perfect for me, they were planned for me before I was born, and that they are beautiful. I like that. A plan.... one that is designed by God and it's unique.... just like me.

What's my the next step? I have to admit that there are parts of His vision for me are a little scary. But I am willing to try. I am ready to put action to my prayers matched with His gifts. I will walk by faith and not by sight. And the other side of this whole idea is why would I want to miss out on God's best for me? He wants to bless me more that I could possibly imagine. Now I am just going to hang on for the ride.

So I challenge you to find out what your Chazown or purpose is. If you go to this website, you will get step by step free instructions, including a spiritual gifts tests to help you determine your gifts and empower you to be all that you can be for God. Go ahead, I dare you. Check out this website and find out for yourself.
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