Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Top 10 Thank You's

As I was pondering the things that I was thankful for this week, I came up with a transparent thank you list. See how it compares to yours:

1. I am thankful that God is Love. God loves me so much and so enough, that He sent His son Jesus to die on the cross for my sins. And even if I was the only one in the entire world, He would have done it just for me. That's how personal I feel his love and forgiveness. That means everything to me. His throne of grace is always open. I like that.

2. I am thankful that God restores. He's done that recently with me in my heart with some relationships, and it gives me hope for those "out-of-sorts" relationships with others. If you are waiting on Him to restore....remember Love Wins. I like that.

3. I am thankful that God doesn't give me everything I pray for. Yeah, believe it or not...I don't know what I am doing most times, but He does. And because I trust Him so...I know He will work things out for my best. No matter what. That gives me confidence in Him...I like that.

4. I am thankful that he listens to my prayers, my tears, my sighs. He's that kind of God you know...when words fail, He still listens. In fact, Ps. 116:2 says, "Because he bends down and listens"...when I visualize God bending down to hear me....wow...all of a sudden...this chick is speechless and He's still listening. I like that He cares.

5. I am thankful that he breaks hearts. He broke mine on a trip to the Dominican Republic. I saw the needs of others. I saw them with His love glasses. And since then, I am still broken for those who are different. I like to be broken.

6. I am thankful that He is not a hot-head but slow to anger. I think about how I get so easily upset by the ignorance of others, my own ignorance, my impatience, etc. Yeah that happens sometimes when I don't get my way...In a mercy-and-grace-tug-of-war, I would lose every time. I like that He's slow.

7. I am thankful that there were wordsmiths who took the time to write things down, events in their life that happened, accounts of the miracles of Jesus, prophets who saw visions, disciples that experienced God. Without their Spirit inspired words, I would not know my Savior. I like words.

8. I am thankful that mercy runs. I don't run. I tried but didn't enjoy it at all, but part of me wished I would have. I am glad that God pursued me, enough to not relent until I saw my need for a Savior. If you are praying for someone to know Christ, don't stop. God is running to them too. Hang on...mercy runs. I like that.

9. I am thankful for cats. Ok, well that might be a stretch but my pastor talks about his love/hate relationship with cats and it works for him. Actually I am thankful for God's powerful creation. You know He spoke this world into its being, uh...even cats....and the mountains, the Caribbean seas, the sandy beaches, the red dirt, the brilliant sunsets, the rain forests, the awesome redwoods....I could go on and on......I am thankful that he has allowed me to exist. I like existing ...here with you.

10. I am thankful to wait. Yeah, read that again.... This one is hardest for me. I have been waiting on God, and there has been only one answer. WAIT. His timing is not of my choosing, or preference. But I know that I know that I know....His timing is perfect, He's never late, and always shows up or provides when He thinks it's best. I will accumulate the prayers...and wait.....as if those prayers were made of gold. There's valuable growth in waiting....I like that.

Hope this find you well, happy and thankful. Share with me what you are thankful for.
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