Thursday, January 20, 2011

And the Winner Is??????

Ladies and Gentlemen....the envelope please....for the high honor....of losing... 100lbs and keeping it off for an entire year is????? The winner (drum roll please) ...ME!! Nope I wasn't at the Golden Globes nor did I walk the red carpet. BUT I really should get an award.

I am very proud of my accomplishment. Four years ago I began a most important journey. I didn't think I would end up here. I had given up. I had swallowed the "Maybe-I-will-always-be-this-way-because-that-is-the-way-God-created-me." Yup, that was me weighing in at a whopping ???? Now you really don't think I am going to tell you my weight do you?? I was a size 2XL +. And miserable.

Brent challenged me to a duel, a face off at the scale. I thought....why even try? I won't win, not against him and I once again was setting myself up for failure! You see I had been trying to lose weight ever since I was two. I actually was born fat. I had tried to lose weight many times, but I never was successful in keeping it off for any period of time. This time it was with listener teams for a radio contest...this was different. I would have to be accountable to other people. Maybe I should, let's see what happens I thought.

So the contest started and I really tried. I measured, calculated, journaled and prayed. Dear God, please help me give up Diet Coke. It worked. I lost. In the first month I had lost 20 lbs. Not bad I said to myself. Ok....that worked. Now that the contest was over, now what?

It was the point of no return, I decided to see how long I could endure. I gathered up my gumption and said, "Let's do this!" I continued to measure, calculate, journal and pray...I submitted my will to overeat to God. The plan continued to work. By now I could see some success in the way my clothes fit. I added exercise. And that made me sore, but I felt healthier.

Fast forward to a year ago..... I lost 100lb.!!!! I did it...I achieved my goal! This is the first time I had lost that much and now it is the first time I have kept it off. Now that is success! Way to go GOD!!!

Thank you....Thank you very much.....applause..... please. (Not trying to sound conceited here....but this is HUGE deal, at least to me.)

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