Saturday, January 22, 2011

There's an App For That!

Wouldn't it be cool, I mean really great, if there was a free, easily attainable way for people to understand the gospel message? A way for people to get it? What if there was an app for the message of salvation, love, grace and mercy? Oh wait...there is this.

What if people, meaning your average sinner Joe, could push a button and immediately have the understanding that only comes with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit? Get what? Even better what if you could just touch your finger to your temple and you would have full vision of what God's will is? You would make every decision correctly. You would have discernment. You would not make mistakes. You would have all the answers.

For this to would have to be a perfect pre-programmed robot. Perfect. Some kind of droid alien. Of course.... it is impossible. But wouldn't life be nice.....and easy? If only...we could flip a switch for those who need to know but are too stubborn to admit. If only we could cause the scales to fall off a blind person's eyes with a big glob of spit. If only we could compel people to see the needs of others who are homeless, hungry or hurting. This earth would be a happier place. If everyone would come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ the very first time they heard it, it would be a utopia.

It's awkward when people don't get Jesus. When they don't understand that His work on the cross and how it was meant for all. Uncomfortable when they don't realize how simple salvation is. And crazy when they think they have to clean up their act before coming to Jesus. If we could just make the Jesus App.

If only......that would be the Sigh.

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