Friday, January 28, 2011

In One Word

If someone asked me what I want to accomplish today, tomorrow, and forever it could be said in one word. I have a problem with it and can't seem to stick to it, but still crave it. I know I need it, I know that it would help me, it could make me a more well-balanced person and could possibly improve my life. But yet I am afraid to commit to it.

So what is the one word? Maybe you have a problem with it too. Perhaps its on your "to-do" list. Basically I just need to submit to it. Make it happen. Prioritize. I acknowledge I need it and have thought about it a lot. I actually have it in some areas of life but not every area.

In one word it is consistency. I especially need it in the world of exercise. It's such a challenge to exercise daily, especially when I know I need to do it. The fact is I just don't enjoy it. (Sorry Jillian Michael's, I don't like gargling my heart.) But to be trim, tiny and to maintain my 104 lb. weight loss, I MUST be consistent at working exercise into my daily life. my efforts in cooking, I am going to try harder at being consistent in exercise. After all, I mastered the jello and pudding challenges, so I know trying works.

What constant do you need in your life? Be consistent today.
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