Thursday, February 10, 2011


CONFESS! That word is written some barns that belong to a man who lives near me. It is his extreme way of getting out a message. It is very visible every time I pass by. It serves as a reminder to me that....I am a sinner....and I need to confess my sins daily. The story of how that word CONFESS came to be painted on the top of my neighbors outbuildings is not the issue, but rather... what matters is the fact that the act of confession is a daily human need in our life.

I found this interesting story about a confessional app made for the iPhone. I don't think it is a bad thing necessarily if it is a tool that will help you admit your wrongs to God, and it aligns with God's Word. What I am concerned with is that it's users will employ the application as a substitute for the real act of confession.

I see this happening a lot in our connected world. As we become more technologically advanced, we are deepening our dependency on the virtual community instead of maintaining real-face-to-face communications. As we become more entrenched in the "let's-make-this-as-convenient-as-possible" way of life we become more and more sequestered into our own little social networked world of isolation. Why do we need a confessional app? Isn't that what God's Word, the Bible is for? Fact is there is no substitution for truth. Truth always convicts. And the Bible is the only source of Truth. AND by the's a FREE Bible app for your phone.

This begs the questions: Are we diving so deeply into the "The Techno Land of Shiny Things" that we now need an app to guide us into repentance? If you had a confessional app for your phone would you use it?
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