Friday, February 11, 2011

I am NOT Ok!

This wasn't what I had planned to write about today, but I couldn't go one more minute without addressing this issue. It's that important to me. I're thinking...what is the big stinking deal?

OK - Here's the deal. When I ask you how you are doing? Don't say "ok". Be honest, life is not ok! Life is tough. Tell me how it is. God can handle it.

When I ask you what do you think? Don't say "ok", "I don't know". This drives me crazy....I know you have an opinion about it. God already knows your thoughts.

When I ask you how did that go? Don't say "ok". It either went great or horrible. Which is it? God was with you, in the middle of it.

When I tell you about a situation, don't let your response be "ok". Now that is not "ok" with me. You know you have some imput, you have some ideas, both of those could help OR hinder. Share them!!! Come on!!!! I can handle it, God will help me with both, with your good and bad!

When I tell you that I am ok, I am not!! I am doing well or not doing so well. You should ask me again, you can handle it if you are my brother or sister in Christ. Don't be that "she-must-be-doing-ok-kind-of-friend" OR "I-am-not-going-to-bother-her-again" friend. Ask!!!!!!!!

I am not "ok" with being ok. Are you? I wish I could tell you how I really felt.
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