Friday, February 25, 2011

Measured Words

I love it when things jump off the page when reading the Bible. I hope that God does that with you too. Some days I miss stuff. Today was one of those days. Did you know that Jesus sighs?

Here's the verses I read: Mark 7: 34 "He looked up to heaven....with a deep sigh ...." and Mark 8: 12 "He sighed deeply ...."

Jesus sighed. I sigh. This comforted me to know that even Jesus, who could and would say the perfect word, choose to sigh instead. Sometimes I have a lot of words. Sometimes I don't. It's good to know that even Jesus measured His words.

Life presents circumstances in which you have no words. All you have is sighs, groanings, and tears. God understands. He gets it. He knows. He even understands your sighs.

When I am all used up, I sigh. I measure my words.

Do you ever run out of words?
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