Monday, February 28, 2011

The Time is Now!

The time is now. I am not talking about the latest sale at Kohl's or JC Penney's. I am talking about it's time for you to get involved in what God is doing through Christian radio. Specifically The House FM and My Praise FM. Here's why....people still need Jesus.

Take a look around in your community, in your grocery story, in your work place. See the poor, the needy, the broken. With all the prayer requests we received yesterday with Prayer and Praise day on The House FM and My Praise FM.... it is obvious. We heard from those who shared their needs. Will you help? The time is now!

Fact is the world is still full of broken people, in all situations and circumstances of life. And they need a touch of God. People with medical needs, financial woes, people who need fixing because they are broken. Life happens, the time is now to share the message of hope!

Get your front row seat and let God use your pledge of support to help yourself and those who need Jesus. The time is now!
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