Sunday, February 6, 2011

Strong Baby!

I am so thankful for what I like to call "God-greatest-gift-to-seperated-families"....Skype. It is the literal lifeline from Grammy to baby Avery as well as his mom and dad. Avery has been really busy growing the last three months. He is now weighing in at 13 lbs.

Apparently he has been doing his baby exercises, building his baby arm muscles preparing for the baby gun show. He is very serious about his routine. Making every movement count with intensity. He's fierce! (Notice the clenched fists). He's got a jump start on all those other flabby out Jeremy Camp! He's ready to punch it out Billy Blanks style.

But the best reason to see my grambaby face to face via the world wide webs is this. Nothing melts my heart more.

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