Saturday, February 5, 2011

Everybody Has One

Soulprint is not only the title of Mark Batterson's book, but it is the result of your Creator putting his unique stamp of approval on you.

Through reading the book I am aware of God's unique design not only physically, mentally, emotionally, but also spiritually. What I like most was the fact that Batterson gives assurance that God's love is so unique in each of us. My discovery was another facet of God’s love for us, for me. His love is everything we need.

In a world where people are seeking to be approved by man and just wanting fit in, Batterson illustrates, through the life of David, the uniqueness that God has entrusted us all with. Not only that, but challenges us to go deeper as we discover our own Soulprint. And as we discover "who we are", we discover more about who God is.

The book also inspires hope for what is to come when we meet Jesus face to face. What a moment that will be when we will behold His glory. What a moment that will be when we hear God's name for us, a name that was chosen before we were born. What a moment when we fully understand our Soulprint, His full impression of love and grace.

Batterson holds the reader's interest with the illustration of David's own turmultous life, as an example of an imperfect yet uniquely designed pattern of living. God is at the center of this book as it inspires you to discover the "only" you that you are in Christ.

The Christian walk is more about the journey as we travel with our pains, fears, trials, and the not-so-fun-parts life. But through it all, God uniquely designs our destiny blessed with His legacy. A holy birthright. With this understanding comes confidence, assurance, joy, freedom and of course...worship.

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