Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dear Charles...

Looking for a reason to pledge? Here's one....

"I want to let you all know the music really touched my heart. My favorite song you all play is" How Great is our God". I love the song and really speaks to my heart. I like the House of Worship on Sunday mornings. I take my radio to work and listen to the morning show. I don't have any money to send to support the radio station. We only make a very little. So all I can do from here is pray for you. I pray that you will raise the funds for the next year to run the radio station. Once again thank you for all you do and keep up the good work. May God bless you all."

Your Brother in Christ - Charles, James Crabtree Correctional Center, Helena, OK

Charles needs church. Charles needs encouragement. He doesn't have the freedom that you do to worship in church. Charles needs Christian fellowship. Charles can't pledge. Can you? Who can make a pledge for Charles?

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