Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Wish YOU Were Here

I wish you were here...because I would get you a cup of coffee and show you why I pledge.

Here's one reason....

Meet Avery, my grambaby...he's resting. This picture reminds me that he trusts his mommy and daddy. It reminds me that I rest in my Father's arms.

Meet Bella, the oldest of the McCoy triplets. She waits for daddy to come home from his job of sharing Jesus at church with youth and being semi-funny on the morning show on The House FM.

Meet Katie, triplet number 2. She loves to read. She loves. She hugs. She listens to daddy on the radio.

Meet Crawford, the youngest of the triplets. He knows how to make monster sounds. He runs. He loves toast.

Why am I showing you these pictures? Because they mean a lot to me. They are the next generation. They need Jesus. They need Christian radio. They need you to pledge so The House FM and My Praise FM will be around their whole life. They need you to invest in their spiritual growth. They need you to pledge!

And after we have shared some tears and you showed me your reasons, I would serve you some cake.

I wish you were here. I wish you would pledge.....for them.

P.S. Meet Brent...yeah he's really not that funny but has a heart for Jesus.
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