Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Your pledge of support is restoring relationships.

"Our entire family are avid listeners to The House FM. I battle depression and anxiety on a daily basis, from the time I wake until I eventually fall asleep. I live on about 2 -3 hours of sleep. However, as everyone says, there is always just the right song that speaks to my heart and soul letting me know that if I can just make it one more day, that's another day closer to meeting my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. And I know that on that day, my son who has been paralyzed since birth and myself who has suffered thought deep bouts of darkness to the point of wanting to end it all since high school, without knowing of understanding a reason why, will be both running to the arms of Christ, both made whole! Thank you for your ministry." ~ Brad

Your pledge of support is making a difference in Brad's life. God uses your pledge to meet Brad on his lowest day to encourage and give him a reason to fight another day. God uses my pledge to meet YOU on your tough day to let you know that you are loved. God uses our pledges to let others know that they matter. God uses our pledges to meet them for the first time and overwhelms them with His extravagant love. That is what God does, He is awesome like that.

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