Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Grand Entry

A grand entry. A crowd had gathered in the royal city that day. It was the beginning of Passover week and there was a special excitement. A king was coming to town! Luke 19:28 -44 relates Jesus' beautiful entry on what is traditionally known as Palm Sunday. It was a parade of a different kind.....travel with me.

A striking entry. Atop a lowly donkey, Jesus enters the city. There was no confetti, just coats and palm branches. The disciples cheered, the Pharisees jeered. It should have been a hero's welcome. Instead there was an air of rejection, rumblings within the disloyal in the crowd.

A majestic moment. It's a majestic moment with heightened excitement. The crowd lined the road and raised a ruckus. Miracle after miracle had been seen by many and done by the One who was riding the colt. Finally, he was announcing his authority to all. He was well-known and had found popularity in the polls. Someone started a chant..."Long live the king!" and it spread like fire through the masses. His announcement was timely as the city would be jam packed this week. It was a great political strategy. Jerusalem provided a built-in audience for his mission. At last..the truth of Way... would be unmistakable. The people were ecstatic that their liberation was at hand.

A tearful moment. Overwhelmed with the reception, I look to the crazy crowd and then I look to Jesus. He was not kissing babies and shaking hands. He is still, stalled, and drinking in the panoramic view of the crowd... as if on freeze frame of film. He knows...their thoughts...they.have. missed it. Then I see His tears streaming down His warm cheeks. He knows the hearts of those who had gathered to cheer him on. Oh yes.... there are a few that understand. But most...well...they don't "get" it. They are blinded by their agendas of unawareness and unbelief. His message and His mission were missed. They expected him to be a national leader, one who would restore their nation to it's former glory. Rejection was painful. Tears of rejection fall.

They wanted a hero but were only looking for a king.
They wanted deliverance, God gave them the Way.
They wanted a royal ruler, God gave them a servant.
They wanted a new authority, God gave them Power.
They needed a Savior, God gave them His one and only son, Jesus.
They rejected Him.

A striking blindness. People are still rejecting the message today. In this season of resurrection, don't miss this.. .Jesus sits atop the hill looking down on his people, and His heart still breaks for you, your friends, your family. Is there one among you who needs to know Him? Do you need to know Jesus? Don't let this Easter pass....without knowing Him. The world still needs a hero, deliverer, a ruler, a new authority...a Savior. He wants to be yours. Your Savior. Your King. Your Lord. Don't turn a blind eye or heart to him. Accept His love, the love displayed on the cross. It's the Easter message.
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