Sunday, April 17, 2011

Scribbles...what's next?

This is a in-depth look at my brain meat. Yes... everything is a blog post, well at least in my head. I currently have a giant stack of post-its, small slips of papers, journals, notebooks and 48 tracks on my mini-recorder of my next thoughts that will comprise the next post.

The hard part is getting it from the JK steel trap of a brain to this medium. That's my challenge. Our next conversation, the next verse, the next call, the next tweet in the dark, the next dream could become the next.

My thoughts are one continual run on descriptive sentence that will hopefully weave my thoughts to your thoughts, connecting your emotions to my words, and so that we can have a heart to heart with the next.

If I have a dazed look on my face, I am secretly wishing I could write our entire conversation down so I don't forget. Sometimes i do forget and that frustrates me. I want the next to be meaningful and with a purpose. It matters what the next is.

So what's next? I hope you come back to read what' ?

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