Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Paper Heart

Priority prayers. As I am praying for God's best in my life, I am noticing that how sensitive I am to the broken and the hurting. But I have been praying for that. God's heart has flooded mine with compassion. It is one of my core values. And God has placed that value on my heart as priority one.

Touch needed. So when I see someone hurting I sense that they need a touch of God. I know because I have been there. I have been to the lonely places, silent seasons of where God leads. I have been through the awkward pauses of faith, and stumbles in my journey. And even though they are very painful, it's there that I have learned what pain is. And it's there that I have found that a touch of God mends. His grace and mercy is like a balm on my deeply scarred emotions. Like duct tape on thin piece of tissue paper, He has given me the seasons of pain so that I can understand Him. Through that gift, He has drawn me closer to Him and multiplied it with the awareness to see hurting hearts.

Heart hurts. Basically everyone, yes even you, needs a touch of God. We all need a touch of healing. A healing of emotions, of something physical or mental, or an issue of a spiritual nature. We are all sinners and struggle with some area of faith at one time or another. And know this that your brother, sister , co-worker, mom, dad, son, daughter, pastor, neighbors, and strangers....everyone you meet needs a touch too. We live in a broken and fallen world so because of our individual circumstances and the lives that we live in a sinful world....there will be some kind of pain and heartache. As long as we are on this side of Heaven, we will need.

Encourage someone today. Show compassion.

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