Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Salt Shaker Incident

It was early morning, and I was fixing my coffee for my daily quite time. And there sat the salt shaker....out of place....again.  I quickly picked it up,  and said to myself...."If I have to move this one more time, I am going to snap!" I was about to slam the salt shaker into it's rightful place...when i was slammed by the Holy Spirit. "Hey....you miss the mark too". My arm stopped in mid air, holding the salt shaker in tact.

That was a holy moment over some spilled salt.  I was upset about the salt shaker being a half-inch from my preferred place on the counter, when the Spirit reminded me that sometimes I am not in the right place with Him.  Ouch, that jolted me more than the freshly brewed coffee.  

I was reminded of my unawareness.

I was reminded of my constant imperfections.

I was reminded of my unkind intentions.

I must make my every word and action count, keeping Christ as my example and responding with the fruits of the Spirit.   

All this from a salt shaker out of place. What is out of place in your life?  
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