Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Possible Way

The room was small and filled with all kinds of instruments to measure health.  As I was waiting in the tiny exam room, trying to distract my mind from the fact that I had waited over an hour to see the doctor, I overheard the conversation between two nurses right outside my exam room door that changed the way I viewed my weight-loss journey.  The year was 2009.    

I had just weighed in, showing a 60lb-loss since my last charted weight.  It had been a year since I stepped on the dreaded "official" medical scale.  Please tell me you hate it too.  One nurse commented, as they were discussing my progress within earshot, "She must have had weight loss surgery!"  The second one said, "Surely so...who loses 60lbs these days without that?"

Both were wrong.  I did loose those 60lbs with same method that I am still using today.  I call it the "old-fashioned way" of eating right.  For me healthy eating choices include, lots of fruits and vegetables, lean meats, and no desserts or junk food.  If you think that I have a magic formula for losing weight then you are right.  I think I do.  I have found in my get-fit-journey of losing these unwanted pounds that this method still works.

To lose weight
You have to 
consume less calories
than you expend.

This is the way I have been able to say "yes to the dress".  You know that elusive dress that hangs at the back of your closet and taunts you every time you are looking for something to wear.  I have tried a lot of "diets" and none of them work.  But I have experienced the results of changing my lifestyle to healthy eating habits and a right balance of exercise.  It is possible to lose weight this way. 

I am not trying to disqualify the weight-loss surgery procedures that many have tried and have been successful at.  If that works for you that's fine.  But I find a sense of satisfaction that I have relied on God to help me through with His plan.  For me the diet pills, weight reduction surgery, the-crazy-only-eat-bananas-today-diet is not going to get me to my goal.

Bethany Hamilton said in the movie Soul Surfer "I don't want easy, I want possible".  This well-known surfer made a heroic comeback after she lost her arm to a shark attack.  I want possible and God has made it so by following this old-fashioned way.

If you're facing an uphill battle in losing a few pounds, first discover what works best for you.  It may not always be the easy, but with a little hard work and determination it's possible with God's help.  Once I surrendered my will to overeat to Him, God changed my desires to eat the foods that were not healthy for me.  I call it my miracle.  Everyday I think about how He has made it possible, and with that, it becomes easier. 

Look for God's possible today.

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