Friday, September 9, 2011

Change Please!

I have been on a quest for change.  

I remember a time when I would not consider running as an option to exercise.  I thought of it as a way of escape only if someone was chasing you with a knife.  I also remember when I didn't make time for exercise at all.  For now though, it is a priority.  I am doing some "two-a-days" with vigorous activities to get some extra off of my frame.  Like a crazy person, who doesn't    know what she is getting into, I signed up for a 5K race.  

I didn't think it was going to be that big of a deal.  It wasn't.... until I thought..."what if I fail?"  That's when it hit succeed at this.... my lungs and legs would have to move in motion with each other.  So I changed my perspective towards running.  I just decided to give it a try.  What did I have to loose?  Now...I am not at marathon status yet...and don't think I have gone over to the runner's world side of life or anything like that but i'm thinking about the possibilities.

A mind miracle has taken place when it comes to running.  I almost, maybe, kinda, just a little.... possibly.... well....I might be liking it a bit.  Only a little.  There is no reason why you should believe me.  I have hated it for so long.  But the reason that I didn't want to start this running process was because of the failure factor.  Why would I want to add another unsuccessful attempt to the sum of things I am not good at?  I never gave myself a chance to change.  
Here's my revelation...the only way I can fail is... if I fail to try.

I always thought there was some kind of "secret" runners club where the best runners would keep track of each other's time and compared themselves to Olympic gold medal status at each race.  Every time you racers laced up your shoes you were thinking of beating Usain Bolt.  And while that is probably true for some of you, for me...that was inimitadating.  Of course, the other fear was I thought I would fall flat on my face.    
So far neither has happened ....yet.
It must be the new shoes.

As for change?    Most times it 's scary, but most times it's needed.  Change will push you out of that comfortable starting block.  There will be hurdles to overcome.  But if you stick with it long enough, there will be that ribbon finish line moment where you find success.  And when that's definitely worth it.  You discover strength you never knew you had, skills you may never known, a new you that you might just enjoy.  In other words, you may find freedom from failure and a little miracle in your mind.  
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