Monday, January 9, 2012

Music Monday [I Wanna Know You Like That]

This photo ended up on the cutting room floor.   

Every time I hear this song by Anthem Lights...I say.."Yes, Lord...I do want to know you like that."

I wanna know

Just today
I heard a story of a pastor far away
Who watched his church walls fall with the rain
With tears in his eyes
Here is what he had say
"Let's reach the ones that will rebuild this place"

I wanna know You like that
To live, to love
With everything I am
To give it all
I wanna know You like that
To become
A man after Your heart
And not look back
I wanna know You like that

I wanna know
I wanna know
I wanna know...

Like David did
He lived a life this world cannot forget
He'd fall so hard then get back up again
Then face the giant knowing he would win
Because You were with him

With every breath I breathe
I wanna help others see
And I will never stop
'Til everybody's singing

David was known as a man after God's own heart but yet he wasn't perfect.  He messed up and his bad choices affected others.  He pursued God, he became a great king, was infamous and left a royal legacy.  

When it comes to being famous...well that is not really the goal.  For me...I just want to be known as one who walks with God.   And as my heart searches after the godly things, I will know God deeper.  As I face my giants, I know that there will be a win...because I know that God is with me.  That's knowing God like David did.  

What does your time with God look like?

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