Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sir, Here's Your Change

Change is a word that I use a lot.  

For me...change brings the positive.  It's a shift.

Change brings results, fulfilled expectations.  Surprises.  

Change can transform.. and be used as an exchange for something better.

Change can bring conviction, redemption, revelation.

But with the idea of change there is always resistance.  What do you still want to change?

Hosea tells the Israelites that they needed to change.  God's judgement was impending....unless they returned to God's ways.  The ways of Moses were not new to them.  Someone even took time to write them down, but still they exchanged the truth of that they knew for ways of the ungodly.

They exchanged their innocence for wickedness.  They exchanged being unsettled for complancey.

Even as God's people, we want to change God's ways to be our ways.  We don't like it when change comes and it makes us uncomfortable.  We become lazy when it comes to being a sold out man or woman of God.

We are Israel living in a world that is broken for pleasure, and broken over complacency.

Dear God please change our desires for waywardness.  Help me to move forward at your speed with godly intentions and in your direction, no matter how hard or painful the seasons ahead.    

Change can be revolutionary but only if you participate, it can make a world of difference if God is in it.  Change is hard, especially the positive changes.  It's easier to stay in the current places than move to the new places even when you know that God is already there.

God wants your willing heart.  Don't let fear of the unknown propel you into a season of paralysis.

So yes...change is movement, change is positive.  Change in the God way...Make your shift..God is the priority.   

Is there a change you are afraid to make?  Make your move!

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