Friday, February 3, 2012

We Need To Pray Just To Make It

If you need a boost in your prayer life, pray scripture.  There is something powerful about praying God's words back to Him.

Lately as a staff we have been praying Surprise me God.  Dare to pray that and see what happens.  You can read some stories here.

Think your prayer concern is too small?  No...that's a lie.  God's word says pray continually.  That means with every breath...speaking the name of Jesus.  

To speak the name of's best to know who HE is.  Read his love letter to you.  

What you pray about is important to God...just like you are.

If I could only tell you one thing is this.  Your are loved and you matter.

What's on your heart today?  Read more about what's on mine.  

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