Thursday, May 31, 2012

When Avery Comes To Play

Mr. Avery
I love spending time with my precious little gramson Mr. Avery.  He normally hangs out in with his mommy and daddy in Colorado.  But for a few weeks, they have been staying in Oklahoma for a visit.

When I am greeted with his little 18-month-old-baby-boy-smile it is enough to change the tone of my day.  Nothing else matters at the moment you are embraced with the pure love of a child.  I like to bend down on his level so he can see my smile too.  His eyes are a beautiful blue.

The funny thing is that when I bend down to look into his face, he bends down too.  Mr. Avery loves to imitate.  And he will walk bent as long as I am in the same position.  This baby picture reminds me of how God hears our prayers.

"I call on you, O God, for you will answer me; 
give ear to me and hear my prayer."  Ps. 17: 6

When we pray we can be assured that He does indeed hear our prayers.  

What matters to us, matters to God.  

He cares about it all. 

He knows it all.  

God answers it all.    

What I love about this verse is that God listens.  He gives ear to or pays special attention to our words, our tears, and even our sighs.  I picture Him bending down and listening closely, like I do with Avery.  Like I bend to meet Avery eye to eye, I picture God doing the same.  When I meet His glance, it gives me great peace and comfort.  It's easy to trust the eyes of our Savior, all of life's problems disappear, and His smile changes my tone.

Nothing like the embrace of pure love by your Savior.
His eyes are beautiful.
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