Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Clear Your Stage

One day last week the team brought VBS for one day's activities.  I love these days.   One of the great things about being flexible is we never know for sure how it's really going to work because we don't know how many kids will actually show up.  I worked the photo booth so it was a popular spot.  There were smiles all around.  

There was one little girl who stood out to me. 

Her eyes barely cleared the table top as she was so small.  There were all kinds of stickers of all shapes and sizes.  She waited patiently as I watched her.  Her sweet innocence quickly stole my heart.  I am a sucker for cute faces and she wore her best today.  She waited and waited for her turn.  Finally we got a translator and asked her if she had her photo taken yet.  She shook her head no.

We took her picture and she waited for picture to print.  She started to decorate the frame that we had crafted out of Popsicle sticks.  She waited some more.  She never said a word, she never complained.  She left and then she came back again.  Waiting still.

Finally her picture was done and we helped her put her picture in the photo frame.  And she was happy and bounced out to show it off.

A few minutes later I looked up and I noticed she had come back again and was looking at the other finished framed photos that we had laid on a little stage near our table.  She touched and straightened each photo.  She was carefully arranging them, lining them up for the pictured to claim.

And then it hit me..

How many times do we leave God waiting?  He peers into our hearts and asks us to trust and obey?  Do you think he looks at us with longing in His heart wishing we would submit to His authority?  Think of Him waiting....waiting....waiting ..to say yes to Him.  Have you ever said no to God and it worked out well? 

How often do we fill our lives, the stages of our hearts, with the things of this world?  We clutter our worlds with clumsy habits that distract us from saying yes to God.  And all He wants is our undying devotion, our yes each and every time.  

He's waiting....

Maybe it's to sponsor a child with Mission of Mercy.
Maybe it's saying yes to a step of faith where God is leading you.  

Maybe it's a career change.
Maybe it's a pay cut.
Maybe it's accepting a closed door in your life, and moving on.
Maybe it's submitting your heart to just follow God in a different direction than you had planned.
Maybe...it's for you to get involved....in church...

Do you ever think about how we clutter our stages?

God comes near to us.  He waits patiently everyday for us to long for His Presence.  He waits for us to drop our luggage of our worries, plans, and selfish dreams and empty our hands, so that we can hear His voice.   Do you know what you need to say yes to?

Don't let your stage be so full of everything of the world.  Make God a priority.  Let Him come in and tenderly rearrange the your heart to perfect His plan and for His glory. Clear your stage...so He can be center. 

He's waiting.
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