Friday, August 17, 2012

Five Minute Friday [Friends]


Can you ever have too many?  Most are true blue.  

A friend loves you like a brother or a mother.

Friends give of themselves to encourage and build up.  

Really dear friends will sit with you at the back of the bus on mission trips, 
even when they don't feel like it.

Best of friends will always stay connected even if they move away.

Friends surprise you on your birthday with a bunch of flowers because
 they remember it's a special day.

Friends are lifelines and only a text away.  
Someone you can pray with, cry with, laugh with, and be quiet with.

Friends hug and feed you dinner even if it is macaroni and cheese.  
A friend gives grace.

A friend will understand when you say..."pray" with no questions asked.

A true believer friend will bring you a Sonic drink "just because".

A friend will do all your math equations... and help you with hard things.

Strangers travel together and return friends. 

The bond of friendship is hard to break, especially when heart stories are exchanged.

Some friends are instant, some must be cultivated. 

"Friends are friends forever if the Lord is Lord of them"

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