Thursday, August 23, 2012

One Thing You Don't Need To Worry About

Unchanging God

I have been on a little writing hiatus. It's good to do that to keep my words smelling fresh like a box of Tide.

I haven't stopped thinking, pondering or processing my thoughts, in fact, quite the opposite has happened. Jesus isn't the background at all.

There have been some very "in your face" prayers that have been heard....on both sides.   And with all the words exchanged between me and God...

One thing remains written on my heart...God is unchangeable.  

The word unchangeable gives me comfort. Nothing more, nothing less.

The Bible is full of God's people telling their story about how God showed up, or delivered, or just revealed Himself. And the God of the Bible, is the God of today. The God of today is my God. Sometimes I just need to write that.
He loves me in His unchanging way.   In an unchangeable way.

Knowing that God is unchangeable is my reassurance that as I journey through this life with or without words, and as He changes me, that He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

God can't break his word. And because his word cannot change, 
the promise is likewise unchangeable. ~ Hebrews 3:18(MSG)

God is the stable, even-keeled, trustworthy, all-knowing God that I have read about.

God doesn't change with the direction of the wind or the unwillingness of my heart.

He loves me the same from day one until this minute
He loves you with His same unchanging love too.

That means He can't change how he forgives or how He loves, or His character.

He doesn't change with the seasons like the leaves on my very dry Maple tree, or my almost dead bug-munched clematis vine. He is consistent, he is timely, He is sovereign.

When the unchanging God brings change in my life, that means He also brings His tried and true nature. God sifts with His tested, approved and unchanging will at work for my best.

He can't change His purpose for me or decide to crumble my plans up in His hands like a post-it and say..."ah...never mind about her!" That means His promises are true, and He won't let you go.

The fact that God is unchanging means I can count on God to be exactly who He says He is, even when...
it seems like change hits me like a cold, north wind.   

And knowing God like I do, I like what I know Him to be. In the good times and not so good times. His unchanging nature shapes my ever changing adoration for Him.
And knowing an unchanging God is life-changing...

How has your view of God changed as you see Him as unchanging? 
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