Friday, October 5, 2012

Five Minute Friday {Empty}

An Inviting Place

Whenever I see a bench like this, it calls my name to come near.    
It invites me to come near, sit and stay a while.  
This bench, with it's metal frame, would be comfortable.  
I would enjoy the quiet and the stillness.  I would empty my thoughts.  
I would share my prayers.  I would rest.

This bench is designed to be sat upon.  It's designed to be filled.  
We, as God's creations, are also designed to be filled.  
It is His special blueprint design for us to need Him.  
God wants us to fill us as we sit quietly in His Presence.  
God wants us near.

Ps. 23:1 The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want. 

A shepherd will care for his sheep. 
 Jesus is our Shepherd and He cares for us. 
He cares so much that He cares when we come up empty. 
God yearns for us to fill our hearts His desires.  
God yearns for our empty places.

He doesn't measure our emptiness nor does it lessen our value.
It doesn't make us look weak.
It deepens our ability to rely and trust so that He can continually fill.
Our neediness gives Him delight because He shepherds.
Our brokenness is not seen.

He fills us with His love, joy and peace and more.
He sees our need for refilling.
God is not empty nor could He ever be.
He doesn't hold back to fill someone else with bigger or more empties.  
He restores.  Every time.
He pours into our empty places and renews.  
His very Life streams into our hearts, filling every dry crevice.
He fills with the Living Water, He overflows.

"Come child...sit....still....and let Me fill".

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